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The past has a lot to offer. Astonishment, recognition …. guidance. We can enjoy it, sometimes horror, but above learn from it. Know your history, determine your future.
The Westfries Museum preserves the past to be able to share it with you. This is our passion.
And not just a past. The museum tells the story of the most enervating period in the history of the Netherlands, Hoorn and Westfriesland: the Golden Age. With special attention to the VOC.

It is up to you how to experience that story. With the wind in your hair on our VOC-ship De Halve Maen, wearing VR-glasses virtually wandering around through Hoorn in 1650, or wonderfully strolling around through the monumental museum building and the great collection.
This is all possible in the Westfries Museum and on De Halve Maen

Welcome to the Golden Age.