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Whether you are a resident of Hoorn or whether you are here as a visitor, the old city centre appeals! There is a pleasant “shopping circuit” where you can find all the main major stores as well as some unique shops.  Bordering on this “shopping circuit” you will find some speciality shops selling gifts, books, antiques and curiosities, as well as special museums and galleries. Walk a bit farther and you will end up by the Hoorn harbour: perhaps the most beautiful harbour on the Lake IJsselmeer…

When walking around in Hoorn, you are not just walking through an historical city; you can actually smell and feel the history of the East India Company (DEIC), the West Indies Company (WIC) and the early whalers. If you are lucky you will witness the fishermen hanging their nets to dry off the bridge, spot an old ship being renovated in the harbour, or listen to a “Horinees” telling you some wonderful old tale about the past. This could be a story about the adventures of the Boys of Bontekoe, or about the battle of Bossu that was fought before Hoorn’s immediate coastline.

Hoorn has a rich history. Come have a taste!